Online Used Car Sales Channels Hold Great Perspectives

Strong September for remarketing sector and online used car sales

When we take a look at the current state of the European used car market, we can all agree that it has had a strong September and early October with good resale values. Especially online sales channels are in the lift. Online sales conversion rates in September were even better than during the summer kupi kuka kupi stan 2020

Online car sales are climbing

Where online used car trade is concerned, sales are continuing to increase strongly. Why? The main reason is the increasing acceptance of internet car trade and the convenience of purchasing online as well as serious efforts from online service providers – like online used car auctions – to create a maximum of trust throughout the sales process.

And let’s be honest, the main problem for internet trading has been (and still is) trust. Purchasing small goods on the net is one thing, but purchasing a car is something completely different. Cars can have many hidden flaws, that is why car traders usually want to inspect a vehicle properly before they buy it.

However, when you buy a car online, that is usually not a possibility. So you have to trust the expertise of someone else. You have to rely on the fact that the information given is correct. And let’s face it, the used car trade has a bit of a bad reputation. Or do you trust all used car salesmen?

Building trust in online used vehicle trade

So if trust is such a big issue, why are online sales rising? Well, I believe that has to do with the fact that internet car trading is no longer a novelty. Time has passed and certain companies, such as the one I work for, have managed to build a reputation by providing good services and honest information.

And it is those companies that are finally picking the fruits of their labour. Because, you can’t force a good reputation. As a marketer, I believe that active brand management can allow you to spread a message of trust, but when it’s not backed up by truth and satisfied customers, it will end up doing you more bad than good.

Of course, in this particular business giving correct information isn’t as easy as it might seem. Because, to offer correct information on your website, you have to receive correct information from a seller. And again, it takes time to build partnerships with car traders you can trust.

Other factors that influence the success of an online sales platform

Of course, trust isn’t the only issue to deal with. Providing the right stock for the right buyers is also important. This requires a good market knowledge. For example, we have found that traders in Belgium are mainly interested in lower mileage (< 100,000 km) German used cars, while Romanian buyers are often more interested in higher mileage cars at very competitive prices. Preferences for options are also quite different.

Having the entire European market to trade with is an advantage for both seller and buyer, as it allows you to sell your stock to the best market. That is the competitive edge of an online company. Or it can be, when you play it right. So when it comes to being successful in online car trading, you have to make the right cars available to the right people and focus your marketing efforts to support that.

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