Can a Six Sigma Black Belt Help a Plumbing Company?

Plumbing companies must dispatch drivers to jobs throughout the day all over town. This can cause problems when one plumber is sent from one end of town to the other all day long. Time is lost in driving and the fuel costs can be expensive. Six Sigma Training can teach you how to manage jobs and schedule them based on customer priority but on location so you can cut vehicle and fuel plumber Escondido expenses and save time on driving. In addition, when you save time on driving through Six Sigma Training the plumber will have more time in the day to see more customers. This means an increase in revenues for the business.

Six Sigma Training can help a plumbing company with inventory issues as well. You must keep track of water heater serial numbers, parts, tools, vehicles, and other assets. This can seem difficult to do when plumbers are coming in and out throughout the day taking what they need to get the job done. They might forget to write down a serial number on a ticket which could cause problems with insurance payments or even inventory control. Six Sigma courses can teach you about inventory control and help with ways to better manage your inventory, which can make life easier for just about any plumbing company. Inventory needs to be as automated as possible, especially in a fast paced plumbing company.

Customer service is vital with a plumbing company because you want to ensure the customer is happy with your services and they call you again when they need help. Six Sigma Training can give you the tools necessary to achieve the goal of spreading the attitude of the importance of customer service and how to build strong relationships with the customer.